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What can't be fixed with an afternoon out with your friends, some outstandingly delicious tea blend, and the most tasty pastry? Tea is not just a beverage, is a cocktail of beautiful emotions, memories and sensations. Enjoying a good cup is in the blood of every British person who praises as such, and for fine good reason. We have perfected the art of feeling, relaxing and having a good time. You are invited to join us at Gables of Brighton, a unique tea house with a wonderful range of tea and food to enjoy the way you like it better.

Private rooms and special events

Everybody likes tea, but not everybody likes it the same way. Some are more inclined to a classic experience, others are up for the hip new culture of the young people, some like all pink and decorated, others are looking forwards to get immersed in the mysterious charm of the Far East. And for every single one of them, we have what we want.

Gables of Brighton is a one-in-a-kind multispace tea house. We provide different ambientations and menus to suit every taste. Our spaces are perfect for special ocasions as well as casual friendly gatherings or even a romantic date. You can book in advance to make reservations on your favourite space. Tell us the theme of your meeting and we will prepare for you custom pastry with the color theme or style of your event. Every room in Gables of Brighton can receive up to 40 people, so you can be sure that there is space for all your guests. 



A tea party is a nice breathe of fresh aire before hitting the night for all hens, and in Gables of Brighton we love to have them around. Book a reservartion in one of our spaces and we will invite you a cupcake degustation and a little surprise for the bride-to-be!


We hosts all sorts of events and pre-events. Call us now to make your special afternoon take place in Gables of Brighton! We support birthday tea parties, baby showers, pre-wedding teas, hen parties, PR launches and so much more!


Try our lovely food!

Our kindest waitresses will bring you a wide selection of the best food, all home-made by our talented bakers. The delicious scent of freshly-baked scons and cookies will make your mouth water. All of our creations are displayed and topped with the most beautiful themed decorations. They look so good you will hesitate to make the first bite! Try our cakes, legend says that once you taste one of them, you keep coming back to us come rain, come shine.

And of course, what's a tea house without tea! All good blends in the world gather at Gables of Brighton. Whatever variety you prefer, whatever flavour is your favourite, we have the finest version of it. Let the taste of our tea take on your senses and fly you through an unforgettable rollercoaster of emotions. 



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Happy Clients

Enjoying a fine cup of tea.

"Gables of Brighton has everything a tea house should have. I love the feel that their rooms have, it's so quite and welcoming. Great for an afternoon with your friends."
Lana Watson.

Happy Clients

"I have never tasted cupcakes like the ones served at Gables of Brighton. You just have to step in to feel the delicious scent of their baking. I go there all the time just to enjoy their servings. They are the best."
Vivian Jones.